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Rolleicopi - Full Set

This is the rare Rolleicopi Oscillograph photography kit, but together by Philips in the 1960s under part number PM9300. The kit was based around a relatively standard Rolleicord Vb, but with grey leathercloth rather than the standard black, and with a range of special fitments and attachments for clamping it to a Philips scientific oscilloscope. The serial numbers on Rolleicord, the Rolleicopi head and the Polaroid back are all the same. The taking lens is Schneider Xenar 3.5/75mm and the shutter is Synchro-Compur 1-1/500 sec. The Rolleicopi top allowed very close focusing, and Rolleinar 4 close-up lenses were supplied as standard.

This set is a complete outfit in my collection. It consists of the Rolleicord, fitted with a special Rolleicopi close-up focus hood above the standard focus glass location; a light-exclusion hood and two sizes of clamp to fit the Oscillograph screen; a Polaroid back to replace the standard 120 film back; Rolleinar 4 close-up lens set to focus at 20-25cm; and several reducing frame masks and replacement frame counters to increase the number of shots per film. The whole is presented in a small grey suitcase, made up with fitments to hold the parts in place. Overall, a quality product.

There are different accounts as to how many of these were made. Ian Parker's Rollei TLR Collector's Guide says two runs of 1,000 Rolleicords (with the model number "K3 Vba" were made in 1962 and 1968. However, other sources indicate that significantly fewer than this number of Rolleicopi kits were made by Philips - 350 to 450 seems to be a reasonable estimate. Certainly, separated parts turn up for sale occasionally, whereas original mint-condition kits like this are extremely rare.

There are several pictures of the kit and its components below.

This shows the full kit in place in its small grey suitcase.

A closer picture showing how the components fit in place.

The actual camera with the Rolleicopi hood.

On the left, the special secure box inside the base for the smaller componentry - masks, counters and Rolleinar 4 set (this box is nicely made with a magnetic catch and curved end to the lid to hold the camera above it). At right, the special oscilloscope hood and screen clamps (it looks like Philips had two different types of Oscillograph with different clamp requirements), and the Polaroid back.

The kit comes with two manuals - Rollei's standard one for the Rolleicord Vb, plus a special Philips one showing how it all works.