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The information here I have gleaned from a useful history at www.mirandacamera.com. and from the current German company site at www.soligor.com.

Allied Impex Corporation (AIC) imported both Miranda and Soligor cameras to the USA, owning both companies. AIC (originally Allied Import-Export Company) owned Soligor and Miranda from 1963 to its demise in 1978. Most models in the USA market carry the "AIC" tag or sticker, but this is not necessarily the case in European or other markets.

The present brand carrier, SOLIGOR GmbH Photo Optic Video Electronic was founded in Stuttgart early in 1968 under its former name AIC Phototechnik GmbH, changing its name to the present one in 1993. It somehow survived the collapse of AIC in the US, and continues in business today.

Soligor was best known as a lens supplier under AIC, being a primary supplier of lenses (although not the only one) to the Miranda Camera Co.

Soligor Reflex

I haven't been able to identify precisely who made this for AIC. It has superficial similarities to the Amiflex (Kantor) and to Crystar's gear-coupled models. However, it doesn't obviously share identical parts with either and the configurations are different. As AIC had the lenses named Soligor too, there are no firm clues. It's basic and not terribly well made.

Taking lens is Soligor Anastigmat 80mm f3.5
Shutter Rektor 1/5 to 1/300

Soligor Semi-Auto

According to McKeown, there is a Reflex II model which I don't have, and this is the third and last of three types sold. This one is a rebadged product of Tokyo Optical Co. - see my separate page - With rack focusing. It probably dates from around 1955/6 and has no apparent relationship to the Reflex model, with which it shares no obvious common parts. It has auto film stop and an exposure counter, although retaining knob wind - hence "Semi-Auto".
Taking lens is Tokyo Optical Toko 75mm f3.5
Shutter Rectus 1 to 1/300