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Biko-do Manufacturing Superflex

Biko-Do Manufacturing Company is credited by Sugiyama with four cameras, but he hints at others. Lewis' The History of the Japanese Camera says that the company's first product was the "Bikoflex" of 1948, but I can find no other reference anywhere - even on Japanese camera sites - so it must have been little more than prototype production. The same book says that production moved in mid-1948 to a new factory in Kami-Negishi and increased to 50 units per day.

My camera is essentially the one shown by Sugiyama as the Superflex BII of 1952, but with a different shutter name (his is an NKS shutter, although of the same specification and appearance - what's in a name?

Taking lens is Super-S 75mm f3.5
Shutter is Super 1 to 1/200