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Prince Junior

This seems to be the only product of the Prince Camera Co., dated by Sugiyama to 1955 (the McKeown's entry seems to just replicate Sugiyama). Sugiyama does however, show a 1939 "Prince Baby Ref" fixed focus pseudo-TLR attributed to Prince Camera Works. There may be an association here, although neither company name variant shows up anywhere on the Web; it seems surprising that a camera company could stay in business over 16 years between producing only two models.

The Prince name was used by Fujimoto Manufacturing Co. for several prewar models, including a "Prince Flex" TLR in 1937, which is a rarity apparently modelled roughly on the Ikoflex "Coffee Can" of a couple of years earlier (see my Ikoflex page in the German section).

This Prince Junior is in nice condition and seems well-built for a small-volume product. Serial number 9016.
Taking lens is J-Luminar 80mm f3.5
Shutter Ceres 1 to 1/300