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These links are rather a miscellany, and I'll add to them as I find new things I like. They mostly provide more detail on TLRs in general or specific makes/models.

Flexaret (Meopta) model analysis (in French)

History of Rolleiflex models (Holland)

Ferdi Stutterheim's Rolleigraphy pages

Kodak's history of its cameras (including TLRs)

Japanese site with pics of a lot of unusual TLRs

Good page of Zeiss Ikoflex models at Pacific Rim

Graham Patterson's Mamiya TLR pages (detailed)

Excellent Zeiss Ikoflex model features table

Meopta's own TLR history (in English)

Ricohflex models analysis

Minolta Autocord model details

Global Rollei Club - comprehensive TLRs history

Good article on American TLRs - Rick Oleson's site

Robert Monaghan's tremendous Medium Format encyclopaedia site