Ceramic TLRs

NOT an attempt at high-tech manufacturing for space-age TLRs. The "cameras" here are novelty drinks decanters in my collection.

The Schnapps-O-Flex

Not a very good picture, and it doesn't do this curiosity great justice. The Schnapps-O-Flex is a novelty decanter (one of at least two different models I know of) from the late '50s or early 60s. I believe it hailed from Japan - mine has the remnant of a label on the base saying as much.

The flash unit is the stopper, with a cork protruding from its base. Basic, but fun in a rather naff way!


The Reflex Shot

Another variant of semi-toy ceramic decanter from Japan. This one has another twist - both lenses come out and act as shot glasses for enjoyment of the contents! This is rarer than the Schnapps-O-Flex; I haven't seen another one anywhere. I bought this one from the US.