Hedman's Wooden TLRs (Sweden)

I know only a little about this - my first link to it came from a mention on Photo.Net. The maker was Erik Hedman (b. 1905 in Hosj), a furniture-maker and photographer, who started making these in the late 1930s as studio-cameras. With the help of his woodworker brother Gustav, Hedman made about 20 of these and sold them through a photo business called "Fritz Weist" in Stockholm. Weist wanted to buy more, but Hedman had lost interest after the first batch and decided to retire. This makes the one in Masoud's collection very rare indeed!

I am very grateful to Masoud Emaden for his kind permission to use his pictures above, and for directing me to the history of these fascinating wooden TLRs on Per-Anders Westman's site. Thanks also to Morton Element for assisting with translation of original Swedish text.

If anyone reading this has a Hedman for sale, please let me know! Astute viewers will have spotted that one of the photos is reversed, so that we can't see the real right side of the camera (looking forward). Please also let me know if you have any other photos!