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Japanese TLRs

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Aires TLRs - a wide range of variants Tokiwa Seiki - including cameras by Kuribayashi/First Camera co.
Crystar - a rather obscure company Tokyo Optical Co - including cameras from Musashi
Mamiya - evolving into professional monsters Tougodo - including Toyocaflex and some "Mystery" items
Minolta- culminating in the Autocords Walz - maker of Walzflex and Wagoflex models
Olympus - only a few made, but superb lenses! Yashica - the last great Japanese TLRs made
Ricoh - from Riken Optical All the rest - a plethora of makes and styles
Taiyodo - a miscellany including Beautyflex/Beautycord models Some cameras I haven't got and would like!