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Now, this is an oddball! Sugiyama lists three Dorimaflexes - an AI, an AII and a B, all credited to "Tokyo Optical Works". Note that last word. "Tokyo Optical Co." is the maker of the Primo, Topco and a number of other TLR ranges, none of which are remotely like the Dorimas. McKeown picks up the information in Sugiyama only, with nothing to add, but lists "T.O.W." separately from T.O.C." - quite correctly I think. Karl Kahlau in his 2006 book has typically muddled up the two, and chose to list the Dorimas under the "T.O.C." head along with all the others.

Still with me? More complications arise from Gordon Lewis' entries on the Dorimas in his
History of the Japanese Camera, which is normally quite accurate. He attributes the Dorimas (including a fourth and earliest "A" model) to "Miwa Shokai", which he also says made the successful Mycro minature (16mm film) camera range in the late '40s. None of the other authorities even mention this company, but the Mycro is clearly attributed elsewhere to Sanwa - and the Mycros all say "Sanwa Co Ltd." on their shutter escutcheons...

Ultimately, your guess is as good as mine on this (unless you know what it's all about - in which case please
let me know). There is an interesting further complexity, discussed on my Tokyo Optical Co. page. That is that there are clear links elsewhere indicating an association between Sanwa and T.O.C. It's all too much for me....
Taking lens is Dorima Special 80mm f3.5
Shutter is unnamed 1 to 1/100

Below are three pictures of my Dorimaflex B. Below these is a picture of what I think is a Dorimaflex A recently auctioned in Japan.



Below: Dorimaflex A? (Not mine).