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Doris Camera Co. - Dorisflex

Almost anything one can say about this camera seems to be dwarfed by its fabulously inappropriate name (blame my warped British sense of humour if this goes over your head). It also seems to be a fairly original manufacture, with a shutter and lens I can't align with any other TLR.

There are five other Japanese "Doris" cameras - two "Baby Doris" 127 folders from 1939-41, attributed by Sugiyama to Prince Camera Works; and three 120 folders from 1952-4, attributed to Tokyo Seiki. One of the latter shares its lens name - Delta - with the Dorisflex. There might well therefore be an association between Tokyo Seiki and the mysterious Doris Camera Co.

The Dorisflex is rather crude, and unusual in being made from heavy steel pressings rather than diecast. That said, it seems to be generally functional, but presumably struggled in a very crowded market when launched in 1954. Making it was probably also rather expensive for what it is, and its weight would have been a turn-off.

Taking lens is Delta C 80mm f3.5
Shutter is Helio 1 to 1/200