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Elbow Elbowflex

Sugiyama shows this model as one of the rarer Japanese TLRs. Mine differs from the one he shows by having a 1/300 Rectus shutter rather than a 1/200 TSK, but looks otherwise identical. McKeown mentions both versions, but has no picture, mentioning that there are known minor variations in latch and shutter release details.

Elbow Camera Firm is printed below the nameplate; the company seems to have made only this model, but it's nicely put together from quality parts. If there is any more information out there about the company, I haven't found it yet. There is, however, an odd logo on the lid - a stylised conjoined "CK" (or perhaps "KC"). I have a vague recollection of seeing this somewhere else - can anyone
let me know what it stands for?

Taking lens is Correct 80mm f3.5
Shutter is Rectus 1 to 1/300