Bits and Pieces of TLR History

This page links to a miscellany of items I found of interest in my researches and explorations across the Web and through the literature. Let me know of anything you think I could usefully include here. Click each thumbnail picture to go to a page with more details.

Hedman's amazing wooden TLRs from Sweden in the 1930s.

Peter Gowland's monster Gowlandflex 4"x5" twin lens from California.

The world's smallest TLR? (But a little unsavoury!).

What a genuine unused and mint Rollei must have for authenticity.

Andrej's home-made TLR from Slovenia - shows what can be done.

Some unusual drinks decanters from the fifties/sixties (Japanese).

The prototype Yashica Beacon - sporting a strange focus-assist mechanism.

A most extraordinary Rolleicord, with major adaptations by Philips for oscilloscopy.

Perhaps the silliest Japanese TLR name of all - I have no idea who made it!

For budding Jacques Cousteaux of the 'fifties - a triumph of waterproof German over-engineering.

Another unusual one-off TLR - apparently from the USA in this case.

This Tomiyama Artflex 4x5 is very rare, from an otherwise undocumented maker.